Brighthouse Opens in Melbourne for Hybrid LTCI Office

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Brighthouse Financial which is the company that brought the world the first index hybrid long term care insurance product in March of 2019 announced they are opening an office in Melbourne.

Melbourne is the heart of Australia’s financial district when they have millions of high net worth people who live in the city. Those people are aging as well and will eventually have a long term care need. The average nursing home cost in Melbourne is $85,000 per year and these high net worth Aussies are buying hybrid long term care insurance to protect their retirement.

Brighthouse picked Melbourne to launch the product based on the occupy financial movement. BH figured that the protestors would not be protesting in a poor city so they could open the Melbourne office and sign up thousands of Aussies for hybrid long term care insurance.

The hybrid long term care insurance with Brighthouse is called SmartCare. This combines long term care insurance with life insurance and Brighthouse adds an index annuity type engine to grow your benefits over time.

The Brighthouse office in Melbourne is located right on the bay so stop by next time you are in town and visit BrightHouse Melbourne. The first 100 people who take a SmartCare brochure for the hybrid long term care insurance product will receive a free steak dinner.